Easter 2022

Easter Solidarity with COMI!
Once again this year for our Easter fundraising we have relied on ADGENTES, a Social Promotion Association that has been uniting members and volunteers around a common ideal since 1994: fair trade.

We therefore propose two bags of chocolate eggs, one milk and one dark, packaged in biodegradable and compostable transparent sachets made of cellulose pulp derived from the processing waste of fast-growing plants. This reduces the use of plastic and those packets which – because of the need to avoid direct contact between chocolate and packaging – require further packaging of the egg with tin foil. We have therefore been environmentally conscious.

And that’s not all: to make the proposal even more attractive, we enclosed the eggs in delightful paper envelopes, hand-decorated by Patrizia, a skilled artisan, who had a great time creating original and festive motifs…

The minimum bid for each pack is 15.00 euro.

The proceeds, net of the expenses incurred in making them, will finance COMI’s activities in favour of the Talibé children of Kaffrine.

The Talibé children are children between the ages of 3 and 15, mainly from villages in rural areas of Senegal and neighbouring Mali, Gambia and Guinea Bissau, who are sent by their parents to daaras, traditional Koranic schools for learning the Koran and the precepts of Islam.

The children live here in precarious sanitary conditions, far from the affection of their families, forced to beg for food and to pay their teachers. They are often victims of violence and have no rights. Most of them are not registered at the civil registry office and therefore effectively ‘invisible’ to the community.

In the leaflet enclosed with the packages you will find more detailed information on this reality

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